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BLOG - Salt Lake City Criminal Defense Attorney

Should I give my name and my ID to a police officer who asks for it?

There cannot be a direct yes and no answer to this question. It all depends on when, where, why, and how a police officer has approached […]

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Utah defense lawyer: Knowing the difference between theft and wrongful appropriation can keep you out of jail

Utah defense lawyer Atty. Thomas Weber approaches every case aggressively while ensuring your rights are defended before the powerful arm of the law. Wrongful appropriation is […]

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Defense Attorney in Utah: How To Avoid Deportation For Domestic Violence Crimes

A defense attorney can be your lifeline when your immigration status is at risk due to charges against you involving domestic violence (DV) crimes. In our previous post, […]

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What is domestic violence in the presence of a child? By a Utah Criminal Defense Lawyer

As a criminal defense lawyer, the most concerning problem with the law on domestic violence in the presence of a child that most of my clients […]

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Domestic Violence Crimes: The One Thing You Should Do To Avoid A Crisis

Domestic violence crimes conviction has far-reaching ramifications in life besides criminal punishment. According to The Salt Lake Tribune, nearly a third of homicide cases in Utah […]

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3 Things You Must Immediately Do When Accused Of Shoplifting in Utah – By A Utah Criminal Defense Attorney

Utah law does not take shoplifting lightly, regardless of the value of the item. When charged for shoplifting or retail theft, you can face serious fines […]

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